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"Absolutely love this company! We bought a home on the lake in March and they are taking great care of us. Millipedes loved our home too, but enough was enough. They sent an extremely experienced tech to not only treat our home, but to also give suggestions on landscape changes. It worked! So the outside bugs are no longer inside bugs. Friendly staff and very dependable company. Highly recommended!"

Amy M.


"I found out about Mike's from a highly respected Home Inspector in the area. He said he didn't give recommendations but he personally uses them. I've had experience with multiple "national chains" and they are horrible. Mike's Pest Control is professional, reasonable in cost, and works well with the customer."

Outdoor Proving Grounds


When I was looking for pest control and priced out different services, and then had to find someone that I trusted, Mike's was the obvious choice. Service is impeccable Mike and his employees are more than trustworthy I appreciate their thoroughness and attentiveness to my property my animals and my family. I have also known Mike and his wife for many years and recommend them highly to anyone who is looking for Quality Service, quality product placed, in their home and someone that is as reliable as the sun coming up.

Penni D.


A locally and family owned business with a lot of care and love for what they do. Taken care of your needs and problems is priority on there list. Great people to do business with, so if you got any pest problems call mike.

Ashley W.


Mike was outstanding! I was so CONFIDENT after he took care of business!! Mike explained the problem, he explained the solution, and when I walked outside to see the progress, I got that good feeling of a job VERY well done. Thanks Mike, I look forward to your business in the future.

Myke M.


I have only been with Mike's pest control for two months.. And I am satisfied with them..Cory does a great job for us he always answers all my questions and explains everything to me...that's. Mike's pest control..

Barbara M.


Mike and his crew have treated us great since we began using them. Prompt, friendly, and always willing to answer questions. Great bunch of folks!

Dale A.


Andrew came out and he was very friendly there service is very good!!



I made a call to Mike's..explained my situation and he helped me greatly. Actually the problem I had didn't need a spray but Mike's gave me tips on how to handle this problem without a expensive... something a lot of people wouldn't had done...very honest and knowledgeable and not out just to make a dollar but actually help his customers!! I would definitely be using Mike's if I ever need pest control again!!

Beth J.