Do You Have a Pest Problem in Franklin County, Georgia?

Do You Have a Pest Problem in Franklin County, Georgia?

Pest control services in Royston and Lavonia, GA

Do you have some unwelcome guests in your home? Let Mike's Pest Control help. Our pest control pros can get rid of pesky intruders in your home or place of business. Call 706-255-4354 to schedule pest removal services in your home. Our pest control team works in homes in Athens, GA.

5 commonly encountered insect pests in Franklin County

There are many different types of pests that roam around the Georgia landscape and invade people's homes. Here are five of the most common ones our team runs into:

  • Ticks: These insects can carry dangerous diseases like Lyme.
  • Termites: These bugs can chew through hardwood, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage.
  • Stink bugs: In addition to their smell, stink bugs are annoying because they like to gather in large groups.
  • Cockroaches: You'll find these bugs in damp, dark places such as your cupboards, your basement and under your sink.
  • Ants: These tiny, pesky creatures are attracted to food that's been left out, especially if it's sticky or sugary.

Get rid of your pests today - reach out to Mike's Pest Control to learn how.

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